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        Company President, Allen Dalton, has thrived in the construction industry since 1976. Allen holds a professional residential and commercial construction license, has directed the construction of over 300 single family homes and residential condo projects, completed over 50 private school projects, as well as office buildings, light industrial warehouse buildings, and repair of property casualty loss due to flooding or fire. Allen is a proficient in site acquisition, planning and zoning. He is an expert witness and negotiator in eminent domain issues.   

     CFO, Robin Dalton, has worked with Allen Dalton in this industry since 1978. Robin earned her degree from Emory University. She has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of the construction business. Robin has a unique understanding of our industry specific business including real estate, real estate zoning and tax issues, estimating, contracts, banking and financing, permitting, budgets and the integration of these with field operations.    

Office manager, Carol Hastings, joined our company in 1992.  Carol manages the daily operations of our office and coordinates with field management in almost all aspects of a build.   

Field Supervisor, Tim Nolan, has managed construction site projects since 1996 and has been with our company since 2006. Tim manages on site operations and schedules, coordinates with owners, suppliers, and subcontractors.   

Field Supervisor, Rocky Mount, new to our organization has been in the industry since 1980s. Rocky has extensive knowledge in all aspects from estimating, permitting, scheduling and completion of projects.   

 Project Partner, Brock Savage, has been leading commercial and residential construction projects for over 20 years.  Brock began his industry career as a laborer with Allen Dalton's organization in 1984.  Brock has extensive knowledge building codes, permitting, team development, project management and production. 

Services Overview

  Allen Dalton began his career with a vision to help people bring their vision to reality.    

Our full service company has the unique ability and expertise to provide our clients with a project formula that can include everything from land acquisition, planning, zoning, permitting, construction, to a successfully completed project.   

Overview of Services:  


Preliminary Planning: Meet with client(s) to investigate general conditions of the project location, establish a business, design and build formula that works for the client. Using information from that meeting as well as information about the site to enable a preliminary business, design and build evaluation to be established. A preliminary look at timing, site and build specific criteria will be discussed.     

Documentation, Permitting and Licensing: Meet with clients to establish project documentation, i.e. permitting and licensing for the project.      

Subcontractors and Suppliers: Our company works with local suppliers and contractors that have the ability to supply goods and services for the project. In some cases non-local contractors and suppliers may be hired for certain phases of a project.    

Materials: We use specified manufacturers as noted on the construction documents or will submit and recommend quality alternate products when a specific item is not available or in the event we have knowledge of an alternate product that may be better suited for the project. In the event a quality alternate that we know about is more cost effective than the specified item, we submit such an alternate for review to the architect and/or owner if the owner so desires. When items are not specified, we use quality materials from trusted supplier. 

Coordination of installation will be supervised and controlled by our team.    

Conclusion: Our company has the background, expertise, and the staff in place to complete your project. Our team members look forward to serving your needs.  

Our speciality

  Chattahoochee Development & Construction Company takes pride with the unique approach to design / build.  

We listen to our client’s vision for their project, and then assemble a project overview and goal.    

A team of our experts will

 focus on the overall scope of the project and detail a schedule of events to ensure the smooth transition from stage to stage of the project.  

We enjoy working with our clients to accomplish a very successful build to bring their vision to reality.


Residential Condo Project

Historic Roswell Georgia

Private School Concrete Pour

North Atlanta Area

Pre-School Building

Johns Creek Area

Residential Condo Project

Historic Roswell Georgia

Finished Concrete

North Atlanta Area

Private School Reception

Suwanee Georgia


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